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The internet is not only a great source of information, it's also a great marketing option.  If your business is content with the sky-high costs of advertising in print, such as weekly publications and maybe even the phone book, well more power to you.  But if you're seeking a more dynamic marketing solution that will reach a far larger audience at a significantly lower cost, well, you're not only smart my friend but you've also come to the right place.

You see, I'm the creator of Eat Out Long Island and I love to work on websites.  During the day, I work at one of Long Island's top web design firms as their chief web programmer.  In the evening, aside from working on Eat Out Long Island, I also handle several other personal side projects and some other free lance work.

And that's why you're here.  You've seen this site, so you've already seen some of the work I can provide.  Make no mistake, this is a large scale site involving various aspects of web design and programming.  If you're interested in a website for your business or are looking to upgrade your current site, no matter how big or small and no matter what the business (NOTE: We can and will provide websites for businesses other than restaurants!), then, like I said earlier, you've come to the right place.  Contact me using the form below if you're interested in learning more.

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Why don't you list prices on your site? Every site and every job is unique.  Some web design firms charge for sites based on things like number of pages you need or other tack-ons.  The angle I take here is to review the job, talk about what you'd like and what you need and then provide you with a quote based on this review and discussion period.  Some sites need programming, others don't.  Some sites need a lot of pages, while others really only need a few.  Sometimes people know they want a website, but haven't even thought of some of the features I'd suggest.  That's why we discuss and review before we give a price quote.
  Do you do e-commerce? Yes, we can and we have.  However, it does depend on what you plan on selling and how many different items you plan on selling.  Let us know what you'd like to sell in the form below.
  If you're so busy with your day job and your free-lance work, when will you have time to work on my site? Good question.  One of the best skills I've acquired in the web design profession is working efficiently.  One of the best rules to work by is to be honest with clients.  Most web design firms don't believe in either of those tenets.  Obviously, I do. When you contact me for a job I will provide the most accurate time estimate possible based on the current workload.
  Do I have to put any money down or make any kind of commitment before I can see a preview? No.  You do not have to put any money down or make any verbal agreements or sign any written agreements.  You do have to provide some rudimentary information about your company so I can decide on a layout.  You also do not have to sign any contract or make any sort of binding agreement to get a preview of the site layout.
  Do you offer hosting? Yes, hosting can be arranged and administered by Eat Out Long Island.  Please include any questions about this in the form.
  I don't live on or have a business on Long Island.  Can you do a website for me? Yes.  I've done websites for clients in California, so I don't think distance is an issue.
  Can I see some other examples of your work? When you fill out the form and make a serious inquiry, a list of other example websites can be furnished.
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