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Restaurant Review:
Pantano's in Hewlett
Submitted by: Les D on Monday, December 28, 2015
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Always rude, dishonest and overcharging! Not even worth a star!

I have no problems with the food. Delivery is not my issue either since I order take out. However, I am upset about being continually overcharged, constantly being given the wrong, and always more expensive, sandwiches and being told that's what I ordered.

How about being charged for a chicken cutlet "parmigiana" even though the receipt stated "without cheese?" Why did they call it "parmigiana" even though they gave me no cheese? They obviously did it to charge me an extra dollar. They also routinely charged $1.00 extra to put marinara sauce on my Italian sandwich. And they never even include a single napkin with my order. I wonder how much extra they would charge if I asked for a napkin?

When they grossly overcharged me for a sandwich that contained ham, which I do not like and ever eat, they insisted that they gave me exactly what I had ordered. No apologies, refunds or even an "I'm sorry!" And that was even when I asked to speak to the manager.

Why frequent a rude and dishonest restaurant when there are so many better choices available? Unless you enjoy being overcharged, abused and given the wrong food, avoid Pantano's Kitchen like the plague!






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