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Caffe Amici in Selden
Submitted by: Stephen on Monday, August 17, 2015
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Such good food. Calamari is great, not rubbery. Vodka sauce is good but it may be to rich for some people and they put a TON on so if you don't like that ask for less because they drench the pasta. Garlic knots that come to the table are out of this world. I could make a meal out of them alone. Salads are average. Chicken dishes are all there and they're all good. Baked clams are a good get too.


It could be tightly packed with people when you walk in but once your seated it's great. Lots of space between tables, enough so you can't hear other people's conversations and they can't hear yours. It's always loud but not over the top loud.


Service is nice. Could be slow sometimes when there are a ton of people (which is often). If you want to get in your best bet is to make a reservation ahead of time or else the wait will probably be long. Never had any particular problems with the service though. Staff was friendly, always asked if the food was good even when it's packed out. Any complaints with the food they'll take it back and ask what you want instead.


The portions here are HUGE. Any meal you get you'll have to take home for leftovers which makes the prices slightly above average prices worth it because the size of the meal is incredible. I once had leftovers for two nights after I ate some in the restaurant, some the day after, and some the day after that until I finally finished.


It's well worth the drive if you live in Suffolk County. Always make sure to make reservations though because it's usually crowded. Definitely one of my favorite Italian restaurants I've ever been to though and I've been to a lot.
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